Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Who Created God?

On what basis would one first presume that God created everything? It certainly could not be a scientific basis. Science has nothing to say about God. The God concept is believed on faith and past down through tradition. Indeed, the more tradition behind a belief the more a mystic believes it.

Now of course, it is certainly true that science cannot disprove God either. But this is not a point in favor of the theist at the expense of the atheist. It is simply a plain fact of the scientific process, that one can neither prove or disprove a negative. If someone does make a claim that God exists then the burden of proof is theirs.

What one can do however, is add up probabilities that produce a sum, to the statistical probability of God and the likelihood of the existence of God. Several authors have done this and quite convincingly: 'God The Failed Hypothesis' by Victor Stenger and 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins, are two examples. Stenger in particular, gives a brilliant scientific explanation of why God is statistically unlikely.

The point is, that unless you can produce evidence that shows a God created everything, then the question who created God? - is a non-starter, because one has yet to prove the first premise, which leaves the second premise mute.

However, if we do assume that God does exist for one moment, then the who created God question, does become a problem for the theist. Such a God would have to be far more complex than the universe he/she/it created, just as a watchmaker, is far more complex than a watch. But even if you make the assumption that such a complex being does exist, you have still answered absolutely nothing.

The next problem is that if you make the assumption, that such a complex being exists, you then have to answer the question: Who created the creator? - and such a creator would have to be even more complex still and so on... you end up in an infinite regress, simply going back one step after another ad infinitum.

A theist may simply say that God just exists and does not require an explanation... But that is a cop-out, because you are left with no explanation and God just becomes a belief held on a whim and believed as previously mentioned; based on faith and tradition and without reference to evidence.

The theist may then say: "Well of course the concept of a God doesn't require evidence, it is a belief held on faith" ...Well fine, if you wish to believe that OK. But then if that is the case, you cannot expect a skeptic to take the God concept seriously, anymore than a skeptic would take the concepts of fairies at the bottom of the garden and the tooth fairy seriously.

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