Wednesday, 4 July 2007

What REALLY happened on 9/11/2001 ?

Islamic fundamentalists with a distorted anti-life view of reality; programmed through dogmatized, fundamentalist religious indoctrination, become zombified hate this life losers.

To escape this life they are programmed to belief they can escape it through killing decadent western infidels. Their reward for such an act is to escape this life and spend eternity in paradise, with 72 slow-eyed virgins.

There was no 9/11 conspiracy, just religious insanity. The Twin Towers tumbled and thousands of lives were lost, for no other reason than the murderous insanities of religious fanatics who have lost the plot and are no longer able to function as civilized human beings.

In reality they kill innocent individuals for nothing more than a distorted view of reality, because of corrupted minds. Minds corrupted with mystical distortions that
lead to these individuals disconnecting from reality and become inept losers, incapable of experiencing happy and healthy lives.

To these individuals the way out is an exit stratagem a suicide pact with a dead prophet, in the belief that the infidels they murder will go straight to hell and they
will enter paradise. The fact is their religious indoctrination turns them into potential - psychopathic megalomaniacs, with a deeply distorted view of reality. ...On 9/11/2001 that's what really happened.

Many Islamic extremists are fond of telling the general public, the media and politicians, that Islam is a religion of beauty and peace. Indeed, they actually connect Islam with peace as synonyms - "Islam means peace" they say. This is simply not true... The Arabic word for peace is Salaam and not Islam. Islam actually means submission. When contextual literalists read the Koran they take its passages literally.

Islamic extremists contradictory 'vocal gymnastics' and absolute hypocrisy can be seen through pronouncements such as: "Islam is a religion of Beauty and Peace" - they will quite unbelievably stand up and say this and in the next breath they will say "off with the Infidels heads". Religious extremism seems to have another effect on its followers, they completely loose their sense of humor. They cannot see the irony within there own hypocritical statements.

For such literalists, submission means ...submission of infidels. An infidel is an individual who does not follow the strict protocols set down by fanatical Islamic clerics. These clerics interpret the Koran and these interpretations are swallowed wholesale by non-thinking dupes, the Islamic masses.

What Muslims need is not more religion (religious equals non-thinking), they need to start thinking for themselves, they need to take on self-responsibility. They also need to grasp the idea of a common humanity.

The one thing that connects our species above religion, politics, language, culture.... That one thing is our humanity. We all live on the same blue planet, we are all revolving around the same fiery star and we are all connected as cousins through our genetic inheritance. Isn't it time for us to now grow up. Isn't it time to put away such childish beliefs that lead to hatred and intolerance. Isn't it time for us to become fully fledged citizens of the universe.

What Muslims need to do above all else is to grow up. They need to stand up on their own two feet and stop blaming others for their own failures.

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