Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Understanding the Concept of God

The God concept is a man invented, arbitrary mind spun speculation. The God concept has no connection to reality.

The concept of God is based on the belief in the supernatural. Supernatural simply means above nature (there is nothing above nature, existence, exists and only existence, exists). Thus, to know God one would have to step outside of reality to know. In other words one would have to defy the laws of physics to know.

The concept of God is as meaningless as any other supernatural, none objectively identifiable concept ...such as ghosts, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, hobgoblins, werewolves vampires and so on.

The belief in God is simply an acceptance of a mystical concept, based on faith and handed down through tradition. Indeed, tradition is a funny thing ...the more time has passed since a belief is held through tradition, the more people believe it, as if somehow the passage of time makes something more true. As for faith, it is simply the belief in something without evidence.

The point is that one cannot prove or disprove God because it is an arbitrary speculation. The arbitrary is neither true nor false. It is just a mind-spun ejaculation. It is a cognitively dead concept, that has no connection to objective reality.

The fact that one cannot prove or disprove the arbitrary is not proof that it exists. Rather, it is proof that it is meaningless. As an example, if I said, "I believe that there are invisible aliens walking our streets," you could not prove or disprove it because it is an arbitrary man made speculation, with no objective connection to reality. Such speculations are meaningless and deserve no objective consideration.

Higher level concepts such as species are not objectively identifiable as individual entities in reality ...meaning, you cannot point to an individual object in reality called species. However, this alone does not make it an arbitrary concept. Species is a complex higher level concept used as a cognitive mental tool by man. One can connect species with the concept animal and from animal one can point to a dog called spot. Thus, there is a complex chain of hierarchical concepts that lead from species to a dog called spot. This is exactly what one cannot do with the God concept ...nothing in a chain of concepts can lead an individual, from an abstract mental concept to a concrete identifiable God and that is because it is an arbitrary concept with no connection to realty.

It is a common approach of many theists to say to an atheist... "you cannot prove God does not exist" as if the lack of evidence against there being a God, is proof for it. This is very faulty reasoning. As any scientist will tell you, you cannot prove a negative.

In a court of law if someone is accused of a crime, then in an honest court system, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. For the same reason, if someone claims that God exists, then the burden of proof is theirs. It is not up to the disbeliever to prove God does not exist, it is up to the believer to prove he does.

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