Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Irreducible Complexity Or Perplexing Stupidity?

Irreducible Complexity is the basic argument; that certain biological systems are too complex to be reduced to simpler systems and still maintain there function.

The concept of Irreducible Complexity was made popular by a Discovery Institute fellow and Lehigh University Biochemist - Michael Behe. Behe's favorite demonstrative organism to demonstrate Irreducible Complexity, is the Bacterial Flagellum.

Under a high powered microscope the flagellum looks like a motor and it operates like a boats outboard motor, moving it through liquid.

The Irreducible Complexity argument simply put, is as follows: "Take any single part of the complex organism away and it is none functional... Therefore, it couldn't have developed over time, through the process of evolution and must of been intelligently designed".

Intelligent Design is nothing more than creationism with another name. Irreducible Complexity, is the pseudo science being used by creationists, to dress up Intelligent Design and give it an air of scientific credibility.

In the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District Trial, School Board members with a religious agenda, were defending there right to bring Intelligent Design into biology classes. Which was in effect an attempt to undermine biological evolutionary science with creationist religious dogma. Michael Behe, while on the witness stand in that same trial, had to admit that under the stretched scientific definition, that would allow Intelligent Design into a biology classroom, one would also have to "allow astrology".

Behe also admitted in the same trial, "that he was not doing any scientific research in support of Intelligent Design". When one considers that Intelligent Design is just creationism with a fancy name, this is hardly surprising.

Kenneth R. Miller is a cell biologist and professor of biology at Brown University and the author of many widely used textbooks in biology classrooms. He was called to the trial as an expert witness for the plaintiffs. He showed with scientific clarity that the Bacterial Flagellum is not Irreducibly complex and that the whole Intelligent Design basic argument is actually baseless and unscientific.

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