Wednesday, 4 July 2007

What is a Miracle?

A miraculous event is that which by definition defies physical law. A miracle is a contradiction of the laws of nature. For a miracle to operate in the physical world, some aspect of that world would have to breakdown. Such a breakdown of physical law that allowed miracles to operate, would be at the expense of the deterministic laws of nature.

The acceptance of the possibility of miracles as real events within the natural world, is a belief in events that contradict the laws of physics. Such beliefs are held purely on faith and without any evidence. The essential fact of the matter is: that faith in the possibility of miracles and the beliefthat miracles have already happened (such as the virgin birth, walking on water, parting of the seas), is simply a belief without evidence and an assault on reason.

The Secularist knows that miracles are impossible. He or she knows that a miracle is a belief in the supernatural. It is a belief based purely on faith and without evidence, that there are eventsin this world that happen spontaneously in contradiction of reality.

If we truly lived in a universe where miracles were possible, it would be a very scary place. If it were possible for the laws of nature to be "well behaved" at one minute and then "stand on their head" the next, then anything goes. In such a world one might wait in fear, to perhaps disappear in a puff of smoke (worm holes not withstanding) or to suddenly float up while gravity decides "what shall I do today" or perhaps you may suddenly sink into the floor as the atoms decide to "play their tricks on you". Such a world would be far more startling and full of surprises than Penn & Teller's latest stage bonanza.

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