Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Crystal Healing is Bunkum

The truth is not determined by numbers. The fact that a room full of mystics can stand up and shout "Crystal Healing works", is not evidence that it does.

The mystically minded individual does not care for evidence. Indeed, the mystic is closed minded to evidence.

One ploy of the mystic, when confronted by a reasonable minded individual who shows healthy skepticism, is for the mystic to call them closed minded. The facts are the opposite, the mystic is the one with a closed mind. Such an individual will avoid any evidence or potential evidence; that undermines their mystical world-view.

Book shop shelves are filled with such nonsense: Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, UFO abduction, telepathy, astrology, conspiracy theories - etc ...The list goes on and on.

Crystal Healing belongs in the same category as pink unicorns and the tooth fairy.

James Randi the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation, is a magician and World famous junk science scam buster. He has spent more than 30 years studying claims of the paranormal and pseudo new age science 'bunkum'. His foundation is famous for its ongoing million dollar challenge: anyone who produces evidence of a supernatural, paranormal or occult power or event... They will win US $1,000,000. Year after year, the mystics come banging on his door and year after year they fail to produce any evidence of the paranormal.

James Randi invited a Crystal Healer into a TV studio (you can watch this on YouTube, entitled: James Randi Tests Crystal Power and Applied Kinesiology). He set up a test, for the specific purpose of the demonstration, of the crystal healers powers. Not surprisingly the 'healer' failed miserably.

Of course the mystic who claims to have special powers, whether through the healing induced through the use of Crystals or some other such bunkum, rarely demonstrates such powers without demands for a fee. Well, there are plenty of gullible mugs, ready to throw their money away.

Why would anyone believe in such nonsense when it is totally uncoupled from evidence? - The fact is that most individuals don't give a damn for evidence and they care even less when it comes to the scientific method. Go into almost any bookstore and do a comparison check. Compare the 'New Age Science' section to the science section. In almost every case the New Age Science bookshelf; out competes the Science bookshelf by a ratio of about 10 to 1.

The very term New Age Science is an oxymoron... There is no science to be had. It is not surprising there are so many books on the subject. Any fool can dream up yet another wacky theory and get a cult following. It's far easier than all those years of training for a PhD, when instead you can just make something up and pretend it's scientific.

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