Monday, 30 July 2007

Astrology and Relationships

Astrology not only doesn't have the ability to solve problems in relationships, it cannot. To build a relationship and then attempt to sustain it, built around Dark Age practices, says little for common sense. But then, if mankind as a whole lived by common sense, we wouldn't still believe in monotheistic religions either.

The idea that the faint celestial forces from outer-space, can impact and influence the human mind, is to say little for an individuals ability, to have self control, over one's own life. But then to judge another individual based on this mystical belief, is to rank the human mind below that of idiocy.

On what basis do individuals believe in astrology in the first place. Well it is certainly not held up as true by the power of logic. Rather, it is believed as 'true', as all nonsense beliefs are believed, by the power of faith and only in that simple conviction alone. It is not believed because of the evidence, but in spite of it. Indeed, if there were any scientific evidence for astrology, then I would not be surprised to see individuals paying less interest in it. The fact that it is believed based on mystical premises, is what draws people to it in the first place.

We live in a society that seems to thrive on the mystical, but as soon as anything is presented through reasonable argument, such as, the reasonable proposition that astrology is unlikely to be true, because there is no evidence for it and never has been... When you present such logic to the those of a mystical disposition; then their belief trumps reason, every time.

The newspapers are filled with astrologers dishing out the 'truth' ...just as the gullible masses of mugs want to here it. But dare to criticize their position or argue for reason and the conversation stops dead. The astrologers who dish out this clap-trap, have never had it so good. How many astrologers really believe this stuff themselves? - I have no idea, but I would not be surprised that many of them know that it is garbage. It is easy to fool the masses and they will pay you for it too. Why work a real job, when you can just spend your days, making stuff up.

Problems in relationships are solved by confronting those problems openly and honestly, they are not solved by believing that the only real problem, is that your star signs are not in alignment.

Individuals in our modern age have passed over alchemy for chemistry, for the simple reason that chemistry identifies known elements within physical laws, alchemy on the other hand is just 'witchcraft' bunkum. The same can be said for the art of Phrenology... or determining characteristics through bumps on the head. These old traditions have floundered because there is no evidence for them. Why then is astrology so popular, when it is equally as nonsensical as Phrenology and alchemy?

...It seems that the key is, the fascination with the stars, mystics like to make a tenuous link between astrology and astronomy and make claim that they are both sciences of equal worth. But the connection really is a tenuous one, the only real connection is that they both involve stars. But the approach of the astrologer, is one purely based on mythical speculation, that harks back to the Dark Ages and has no element, that one could determine as reasonable. Astronomy on the other hand, is a disciplined science that does not come to its conclusions, based on mystical premises, but based on directly observable evidence of real phenomena.

It is not surprising that astronomers are so hostile to astrology. The astrologer will often gives astronomy a bad name, by ridiculing astronomers for being so 'closed minded'. But the facts are the opposite. Scientific inquiry demands one has an open mind to investigate all possibilities, but such possibilities have to be qualified with reasonable assumptions. Thus, it has been said, that scientists have to be 'open minded, but not so open minded that their brains fall out'. The mystic on the other hand... Makes claims for open mindedness.., but in reality it is a false claim. They stand up for open mindedness until you criticize their position, for lacking evidence. Then they clam up and ignore reasoned argument... How more closed minded could one be.

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