Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Do You Believe in Heaven and Hell?

Heaven and Hell are man-made postulates, mind subverting gimmicks. These postulates strain humanities faculty of reason; with unreasonably meaningless arbitrary, mind-spun speculations.

On what grounds does one believe in folklore... Heaven and Hell stories; other than on grounds of mysticism, which is founded in faith and built up from a catalyst of religious scriptural edicts and edifices.

What better deceitful trickery has the church ever invented, than the concepts of Heaven and Hell. They are perfect weapons in the hands of the priests of the church, when used in combination with the equally nefarious tool - the concept of guilt. When Heaven and Hell are combined with guilt and sin is also added to the 'Calderon of deceit' then what better way has ever been realized for the tyrannical church masters, to manipulate the minds of the masses.

But even this wickedness is not enough. Let the monsters of the church inculcate the minds of children, so they will not stray from "Gods holy path". Let us scare the 'living daylights' out of the children and poison their minds with the darkest of dark terror stories. Let the children know that if they stray, they will 'burn forever in hell'. The Brothers Grimm could not even do as good a set up job as this, rank amateurs in comparison.

What loving parent, if they truly knew the devastating effect of the concept of Hell on their child's mind, would knowingly devastate their reasonable thinking faculties with such a vile concept. No loving parent if they did know, would ever partake in such a wicked act.

To devastate children's minds with such lies can be summed up in three words: "Mental child abuse". Why would any parent fill a child's mind with beliefs about roasting in hell for eternity and with no respite, ever.

The concepts of Heaven and Hell should be buried once and for all, just as we have now buried the beliefs in Wotan and Thor. It is time for us to fully grow up and stop believing in such silly nonsense.

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