Saturday, 13 October 2007

Jesus died for Your Sins

Sacrifice based on apparent sins of others, is perhaps the most disgusting of all the monotheistic concepts. The idea that an individual would sacrifice his life for someone Else's sin. Indeed, I have already commented in another post why sin is a meaningless man invented concept.

But if we take sin to just mean doing something bad or harmful.... But of course it doesn't just mean that; it means bad or harmful according to God. Indeed, sin in this context has no connection to justice for the victim, but is based around pleasing a none existent entity in the sky.

There is nothing noble or good to the human psyche, in sacrificing one's otherwise healthy ego, in an attempt to take on the sins of others. The whole idea of such a disgusting concept is that it is noble to sacrifice oneself and at the same time, excuse the crimes of others and say 'I will unburden you by taking responsibility for your actions'.

Where is the morality in sacrificing oneself for the apparent sins of others. Any healthy minded individual can immediately see that this is not a healthy believe system. What one is really doing in saying one should sacrifice oneself for the sake of others, in an attempt to ease their misery and take that burden on yourself.... What they are really saying is... "I am a disgusting worm and my pride is my sin and I must sacrifice my ego to the masses".

There is nothing moral in the concept of sacrifice or sin... They are very powerful weapons in the hands of the church when coupled together and have been effectively used to manipulate the minds of those befuddled with religious mysticism. Indeed, when sin and sacrifice are brought together and guilt is also added to the 'pot' then the church masters had it almost to easy in manipulate the minds of the masses to their own ends... Sometimes, very wicked ends indeed.

All sacrifice really means is giving up on pride and one's otherwise healthy ego... That is the fundamental teaching of Jesus. That one should sacrifice oneself to God... Give up on this life and spend your days in prayer-fullness so that you can leave this 'miserable' existence to enter paradise. Once one is constantly bombarded with the lie that sacrifice is noble... Is it any wonder so many Christians feel worthless.

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