Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Recycling: Argument against

In a free market, technological progress naturally drives society towards more efficient fuels and more efficient fuels produce less waste. Waste reduction is a net benefit to business, because it is the flip side of efficiency, the less waste one produces, the more efficient the output... that increase in efficiency, also leads to reduced prices. It is free market competition, that drives business toward efficiency and advances in technology.

Ironically, the recycling regulations forced on businesses, have the opposite effects to that which is proclaimed. Businesses, that are forced to spend much of their time focused on recycling, become less efficient and that reduction in efficiency produces more waste... Thus, recycling ends up being counter-productive.

The burden on that advance in technological progress today, comes from over regulation by big government, which has created a recycling boondoggle, that is eating into economic growth and making it very difficult for business start ups, to drive from red to black... and much of those rules and regulations, comes from arbitrary, bureaucratic government dictates, that cannot be objectively defined.

The insanity of the environmental movement, has driven us to a recycling frenzy, which has grown to insane proportions.

The cure for genuine environmental problems, will not come from government, it will come from and grow naturally out of science and technology, driven forward by business and consumer demand.

QUOTE... "First, we are told that recycling will help preserve scarce landfill space. We are not, however, even remotely close to running out of space for our garbage. Despite the "garbage trucks could ring the Milky Way galaxy" rhetoric, all of the trash America will produce over the next 1,000 years could fit into a landfill 15 square miles in size." -'Recycling is Not the Answer, by Jerry Taylor, The Cato Institute ...END QUOTE

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