Friday, 6 July 2007

Man-Made Global Warming ...The New Religion

To criticise Global Warming is the sin of all sins. I've been called every name under the sun for criticising the science.

What is tragic, is that this obsession with Man-made Global Warming is literally killing thousands of people every year. People in the Third World are denied electricity because of the Anthropogenic Global Warming model.

It has also led to a corruption of science. The science has become politicized and few scientists dare speak out, without fear of being ridiculed. Or indeed, if scientists dare to put forward potential research, that goes against the current Anthropogenic Global Warming mantra (Sun spots for example), then they are likely to be denied a research grant... That's not science, it's dogma.

And as for environmental groups; look behind the veneer. They are not pro-environment, they are anti-technology. Many of them want to revert to living in wooden huts in the forest.

You only have to hear one of these environmental leaders with their megaphones, shouting out diatribe on their soap box. You'll be surprised how often their language is framed in the negative... "Down with business and technology" ...Now an again they will slip in the occasional "we must save the planet" statement. But it is mostly a hate-filled attack on technology.

Simply ask yourself the question... How many members of the environmental movement are actually doing anything genuinely positive to improve the environment? ...They spend most of their time protesting and here I'm being kind; the more extreme members can be vicious, I know from personal experience.

The fact is, that it is not primarily the science that has driven to a certainty of the facts of Man-made Global Warming.... It is fundamentally driven by politics, the environmental movement and the media. Indeed, the science instead of taking the lead, has become a passenger.

It becomes very disturbing indeed, when Al Gore gains godlike status in the scientific community, a politician with no scientific training. And a film, which is almost pure science fiction is taken as literal truth by millions.

Glenn Beck's Global Warming Special 'Exposed: The Climate of Fear' Now at YouTube:

One thing I find astonishing, is that I have read several comments by scientists on Al Gore and they talk about him with the kind of reverence that a disciple would give to the Messiah... I'm left thinking, where has the science gone.

It also shows that scientists can be just as gullible as the rest of us.

Finally I want to elaborate on an often made claim that seems to suggest that a scientific theory, by definition of being a theory is true. This is simply false... Scientific theories are always classed as tentative and some are supported by more facts than others.

To view a scientific theory from this definition one would have to assume that all theories are equal. But some scientific theories carry more weight of evidence than others. For example, the theory of evolution has an overwhelming body of none contradictory facts, literally millions of facts to support it. For all intents and purposes Evolution by Natural Selection is as good as fact, because of this overwhelming evidence, although strictly speaking, in scientific terms it is still classed as tentative. Anthropogenic Global Warming on the other hand, is a very weak theory... Indeed, no scientist has ever been able to prove an absolute correlation between Global Warming and mankind.

I would actually go farther as to say something even more radical: To call Anthropogenic Global Warming a scientific theory, is "stretching the bar" ...At best I would call it a hypothesis. Before one can move from hypothesis to theory, one has to produce a series of non-contradictory facts. I have not once seen one single fact that proves a correlation between Global Warming and mankind.

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