Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Does the Present Exist?

Not only is there such thing as the present, in actual fact the present is all that does exist in concrete terms. The past did exist and the future will exist, but only the present moment does exist.

Every past moment contained a swirl of atoms in time and space - likewise, every future moment will contain a swirl of atoms in time and space. But are there swirls of atoms in the past?, because the past is gone and only exists in memory. Likewise, are there swirls of atoms in the future? ...only potentially so. Only in the present moment do swirls of atoms exist.

So, look at a table or a chair or yourself. All that you now see, you can only see in the moment and indeed that is exactly what experience with the real World is. It is micro-moments in the present, one micro-moment in time is quickly filled by another. The only thing that gives those moments a solidity in time and thus makes is feel that our consciousness is a stream of awareness in time, is our conscious awareness.

The illusion that there is anything other than the moment, comes from mans ability to have memories and from those memories man can construct a past and predict a future. But both the construction and prediction are illusions of the mind. Existence only exists in the present.

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