Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Is Global Warming Media Hype?

Man-made global warming is an anti-reality global fraud. There is no evidence whatsoever, that global warming is induced by mankind's activity. It is certainly true that throughout the planets long history, that it has gone through periods of cooling and warming. The error in thinking is to blame such global weather trends on the activity of man.

The fact is that many of the scientific models used to measure weather trends are not based on direct observation of the environment. They are computer simulated models of the environment. These computer simulations are designed to model and simulate environmental weather trends and conditions. The problem with these computer models is that they cannot possibly fully model and simulate the real environment. The real environment is extraordinarily complex ...far more complex than a computer model. That is not to say that their is not room for computer science. The problem is that one should not rely on it at the expense of external observations of the actual environment; but this is exactly what has happened.

Let me give an example of drawing a different conclusion based on a direct observation of the environment: The eruption of just three volcanoes over the last 100 years or so (Krakatoa in Java, Katmai in Alaska, and Hekla in Iceland) have spewed more gases into the atmosphere than the entire history of the whole of mankind. This fact alone shows the absurdity of the "man-made global warming" argument.

Another example is where the actual global temperature measurements are taken from. Many of the temperature measuring stations are at ground level. Many of these weather stations where originally installed in rural areas. It is a know fact that urban areas have a higher temperature at low atmosphere, than that of rural areas. This is because urban areas have more concrete and metal structures. Concrete and metal reflect heat back into the atmosphere, whereas urban grassy areas absorb heat. Many of the rural areas in which these weather stations were originally installed have urbanized. Thus, there is a discrepancy in temperatures. The discrepancy measured is not from the higher atmosphere, but from the lower atmosphere and the discrepancy is caused by the change in the environment, in which the original weather stations were installed.

So, these weather stations are not measuring global warming caused by a chemically
poisoned atmosphere. They are simply measuring slight variations in temperature, because of heat reflection into the lower atmosphere. When temperatures are taken from higher altitude weather balloons, then the discrepancy in temperatures is not there.

There certainly is evidence that the globe has increased in temperature by one or
two degrees. This however is not evidence that the temperature increases are a man-made phenomena. The evidence points to the obvious fact, a fact that scientists have known for a long time; the planet has always gone through periods of warming and cooling ...including before mankind existed.

Source(s): The Great Global Warming Swindle

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