Thursday, 19 July 2007

Christian Fundamentalism

Christian fundamentalism, is really no different to any form of fundamentalism. All fundamentalism really means is 'absolute truth' of one's position, whether that position is supported by evidence or not. Fundamentalism is the equivalence of literalism, one is a fundamentalist, because they hold a literal interpretation on any given issue and that literal interpretation, can and often does trump any external evidence, that could counter such a position.

Fundamentalism and particularly religious fundamentalism, is never rational. Such thinking, is stultifying to new knowledge and traps one inside borders of erroneous ideas. For example in the Dark Ages, individuals were trapped in a fundamental religious belief, the belief of geocentricism ...That the Earth was geographically centric or central in the cosmos. Such stultification, stops or halts forward thinking and often leads to years of static dogma, where progress comes to a halt and even regresses.

There have been many parasitical elites, throughout history, who have consciously and deliberately exploited the fundamental position and allowed it, to deliberately take root. It is often convenient to control the masses, by keeping them 'eyes wide shut' in a 'sea of dense fog'. The master priests of the Dark Ages, truly were masters at keeping the mass populous, in ignorance and thus leaving them malleable and pliable to the dictates of the Church.

The Dark Age priests of the Church had one particularly powerful weapon to control the masses. That weapon was the tool of guilt. If an individual can be made to feel guilty, then that same individual can be manipulated through guilt. What better tools, has ever been invented, to manipulate and control the masses than guilt, directed through the edicts and protocols of religion.

Such religious manipulation, relies heavily on non-thinking, once individuals start to think for themselves, they 'break-out-of-the-box' that allows the manipulation to take place. The most powerful tools in the armory of the Church leaders, in the Dark Ages, were the concepts of Heaven & hell and the manipulation of guilt. If you can instill fears of Hell and rewards of Heaven into the masses through manipulation of guilt, then you have them. But if they see through the lie, then the Church masters lose their power-grip.

Thus, fundamentalism comes into play and the Dark Ages was a time when the leaders of the Church, needed to hold belief, within the minds of the masses, by keeping them held within an Up and Down, Heaven and Hell, geocentric world-view. As long as the Church leaders were able to stultify knowledge, through fundamental religious indoctrination, then they could keep the 'dirty-game' going.

The heliocentric view of the universe (literally meaning, sun at the center), was not unknown to the parasitical elite of the Dark Ages. But, such a view was not in their best interests. There was good pay-off for manipulating the masses, through 'guilt-trips' and threats of burning in Hell for eternity. Copernicus made the first formal identification of heliocentricity and Galileo following him, 'nailed-it-down'. Both men were persecuted by the Church, for trying to take the 'lid of the jar' of geocentricism, the very foundation that had so cleverly held the 'Heaven and Hell', masses in check.

Such fundamentalism then, not only stops progress, it devastates minds. It keeps individuals locked within a false reality. It is a reality that is set up in such a clever way, that individuals cannot see beyond it. It sometimes takes a genius or two, to come along and 'break the mold'. An analogy of this is the Hollywood blockbuster movie, the Matrix with Keanu Reeves. Individuals are trapped within a matrix, that reflects a false reality. But because individuals within that matrix, have no way of seeing beyond it, they have no other perspective beyond that reality and no way of knowing it is artificial.

In the book Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension, by Michio Kaku... he gives the analogy of goldfish in a pond, they would 'think' that pond is the only universe and would have no way of seeing beyond that limited World-view. Geniuses like Copernicus and Galileo, confronting the populace with the heliocentric World-view, would be analogous, to a man taking the goldfish out the pond, suddenly it would be 'thinking' beyond its earlier narrow boundaries. Such identifications break fundamentalist World-views and sometimes at the detriment of parasites, that live of the masses of non-thinking dupes and thus, need to keep it going.

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