Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Personal Freedom

Personal freedom relies on the rights of the individual as a minority of one. Once you recognize the indivisible rights of an individual human being, by definition you can extend those rights to all human beings.

Once you try to relate rights to groups as the microcosm of one; as apposed to individual rights and the recognition of the individual as the only objectively definable minority. This is when you end up sacrificing one set of individuals to another or indeed, one or more individuals to the group.

To suppose that rights of collective groups. as being the definable minority and the essence to which personal freedom can be directed, over and above the rights of individuals, is to sacrifice the very meaning of rights and to sacrifice the essence of personal freedom. To do so, is to sacrifice individual freedom to collective ideologies, that cannot be objectively defined.

An example of sacrifice of personal freedom to a collective ideology, is the concept favored by many governments: the concept of ethnic minorities. This absurd concept shifts the hierarchy of conceptual context and the rights of individuals, end up being sacrificed to meaningless higher causes. In reality, there are no such thing as ethnic minorities... there are only individual human beings.

Once you start talking in terms of ethnicity as the standard by which to judge the essence of personal freedom, what you in effect do is start to corrode individual humanity and let ethnicity take the higher conceptual ground. In reality there is no such thing as an ethnic minority. The only minority, is the minority of one, the Individual. If you start to judge individuals not by their humanity but by their ethnicity, then you end up sacrificing one group of individuals to another and you hence end up with the most vile of terms: ethnic cleansing.

If you do not recognize the individual as the essence from which personal freedom can grow and thus not recognize that the protection of humanity as a whole, begins with recognizing the rights of the individual. Then you end up identifying a different microcosm as the essence that needs protection as first cause...

But any first cause that is given protective rights over and above the individual, by its very nature ends up sacrificing individuals. You end up with a society of warring groups vying for protection against other groups. This leads to a society with an in group; out group mentality. You end up with tribalism, where one group is at odds with another. They end up being at odds with one another, because the one thing that identifies their sameness, there individual humanity is trumped by the fatuous concept of ethnicity.

The concept of ethnic minorities is seen by governments, as a term used to protect one group from another. In reality it is a racist term. Once you start dishing out rights to one ethnic group, there will always be individuals outside that group who end up being sacrificed.

The moral definition then by which to identify the essence of personal freedom... Is to recognize that freedom can only come from the protection of individual rights. Individual rights is a universally applicable concept, because it is naturally applicable to all human beings.

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