Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Is Sin a Myth?

Sin is a meaningless man invented concept inscribed in religious monotheistic text, that has no connection to reality. To judge any individual based on the concept of sin is immoral. It is immoral to make judgments on this basis; because sin does not align with human nature and cannot be defined contextually within reality.

Individuals should only be judged within the context of morality based round the concept of Justice and not the antithetical concept of sin. Justice is a moral concept because it aligns with mans physical, psychological and philosophical nature and it can be defined within rational context.

In civilized societies that are not run as theocracies, we do not judge individuals in courts of law based on the concept of sin, the standard is not sin but justice. Unlike sin, judgment through justice requires objective evidence of a real crime being committed.

Sin is an abhorrent concept because it assumes guilt without reference to objective evidence and this leads to sacrifice of individuals to 'higher causes' such as the edicts and pronouncements of church leaders: mullers, priests et al.

Anyone who truly thinks that sin is a benign concept, should go and live in Iran, where there is no separation of Church and State. As just one example of Iranian "justice": On July the 8th 2006 Malek Ghorbani was sentenced to death by stoning in a court in Orumieh and is currently in a prison cell in the town of Orumieh. Please sign a petition to save her at: Save Malek ...and what was her crime, adultery.

In the United States of America, Christian fundamentalists are attempting to "pull down the wall" that separates Church and State. Professor Richard Dawkins holds the Charles Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, England. He has commented that the push for religion in politics and in schools, is driving the US towards It's own "Taliban".

Sin is not only an immoral concept because it detaches justice as a judgment, for an individuals actions from any objectively definable crime; it also leads to judgments based on 'thought crimes' - Here is just one example from the Holy Bible:

"MAT 5:28 it says: "But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman
to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

Everyone of us has a whole range of emotions that often flood to the surface of our conscious mind, as desires to do something that may be considered irrational or even immoral... although what rational person would judge adultery as criminal?

In an individuals more irrational moment, he or she may even have an irrational desire to kill someone... But as long as that thought is not carried out in action no crime has been committed. Indeed, nobody should be ashamed of irrational thoughts... Indeed, it is better that such thoughts surface themselves in the conscious mind; rather than remain repressed in the subconscious. There is no such thing as a thought crime, but the concept of sin judges thoughts as having no distinction from actions.

The foundational argument on which one can identify sin as a meaningless concept is its very context. One need only ask what is the context of sin. The only definable context is a religious one, it is based on theistic scripture. This on its own is enough to discount sin as a process by which to judge others as indefinable.

Why is the fact that sin is a theistic concept within religious text, enough to make a judgment that we can dispense with sin as a rational concept. Because religion edicts from scripture are in and of themselves, believed on faith and do no not require evidence.

Justice as a moral concept does require evidence. Once you allow judgment based on sin, you no longer have justice and you end up with the sacrifice of individual rights to collective ideologies. Such ideologies dispense with justice and sacrifice individuals to their own whim, based on their own interpretation of whatever ideology they are pushing.

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