Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Creationism as Part of the Science Curriculum... Yes or No?

Creation Science by its own definition, is junk pseudo science. The very term Creation Science is an oxymoron. Creationism is a religious belief system, it is a belief based on faith and tradition that existence is God created. Science on the other hand is not a discipline based on faith and tradition. Science is a discipline that works through deductive and inductive reasoning, to answer questions about the natural world.

Creationism is religion, pure and simple. By dressing it up in the guise of science one does a disservice to science. Many of the Biblical literalists don't want to differentiate between science and religion. Not only do they want Biblical text to be judged with the same scientific credibility as evolution, they want this to happen in the classroom.

The irony is that there is no scientific evidence to present in favor of creationism, despite the bromide - Creationism Science.

What the creationists wish to do in the classroom, is to "teach the controversy" as they call it: the controversy that there is no evidence for evolution. Thus, because they cannot produce scientific evidence for creationism on the one hand, they want to teach the controversy within evolution on the other hand - as they see it ...and that is another irony; they cannot show any hard evidence that would overturn evolution either. ...If they truly want to overturn the hard evidence for
the theory of evolution, then they need to start by producing and then presenting some hard science; something they're not doing; where are their peer reviewed articles in scientific journals?

You cannot overthrow a scientific theory with a religious belief system. They are different methods of knowledge and "never the twain shall meet".

The point is that within the scientific community, there is no real controversy over the fact of evolution. Yes, there are debates between scientists over certain facts of evolution, but not over evolution itself.

The controversy then is totally one sided. The creationists are whipping up a political frenzy over the facts of evolution, for purely religious reasons. They have no scientific evidence for creationism and they have no scientific evidence against evolution. Thus, there method is to create a controversy through the media, a controversy that the scientifically ignorant public will swallow.

There would be no problem in creationism being taught in schools as a comparative subject; in comparing World religions or as a study of the history of a particular religion. But to attempt to force creationism into a biology class (under the guise of Intelligent Design), where it does not belong, is not only absurd, it is an attack on reason and a shameful dumbing down of education.

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