Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Astrology Equals Bunkum

Astrology is just not scientific, it is mystical. To believe that your life is in the hands of the stars, is to relegate yourself to a most inept position.

Belief in astrology just befuddles the mind with anti-reality mysticism. We make our own choices in life and act on those choices. To put your faith in the stars is to dispense with reality.

To judge or understand another individual based on their star sign is unfair on that individual, because it is a prejudgment on that individuals character, based on a mystical proposition, that has no connection to reality. Individuals should be judged on their character and not their star sign.

There are reams of scientific papers, peer reviewed and accepted into scientific journals on astronomy. The same cannot be said for astrology, because it is none scientific. It is just a faith position a belief without evidence.

The idea that ones life can be influenced by the faint magnetic forces from distant stars and to actually believe that a serious disconnect from the facts of reality.

The fact is that we control our own destiny in life through our own decisions. Yes, we can err and make mistakes, sometimes very serious mistakes and we can be involved in accidents that are no fault of our own. Despite these unfortunate incidents; for the most part we are in control of our own path through life. Some make a better job of it than others. But detaching oneself from reality and beclouding ones ability to make rational decisions, by holding on to childish nonsense like astrology, is not the answer.

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