Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Reason is Directly Related to Objectivity

Reason is directly related to objectivity. To be a reasonable individual one has to objectively define one's environment and their place within that environment. The ability to be reasonable is the ability to objectively define reality. The unreasonable individual is so, because that individualhas chosen to act non-objectively or subjectively. Unreasonable behavior stems from detachment of reality and an inability to objectively define reality.

Just as reason is related to an objective mind-set; unreason is its opposite and is related to a subjective mind-set. Unreasonable behavior in its more "honest" form is based around ignorance of the facts of reality. Thus, many individuals, simply because they don't know any better, live in honest ignorance. Ignorance is a breeding ground for faulty thinking that detaches individuals from reality and the ability to objectively define themselves, others and the environment in which they live. Such individuals live their lives in a semi-conscious stupor, unable to grasp important aspects of reality.

The unreasonable individual does very little original thinking. Such individuals simply blindly follow the masses ...and because a high percentage of those masses are also in a none thinking semi-conscious stupor, we end up with a society of air headed non-thinking fools. Where the blind truly do end up, leading the blind.

Unreason is built upon the foundations of mysticism and mysticism comes in all shapes and sizes. There are believers in God, UFOs, witches, telekinesis, ghosts, fairies, vampires, the yeti, the loch ness monster - et al. All such beliefs poison the mind with pockets of mysticism andmysticism is the catalyst that allows unreasonable non-objective thinking to take hold.

The mystical orientated mind is the antithesis of the reasoning mind. To the degree that one's mind is distorted with anti-reality mysticism, is the degree by which one becomes mentally detached from reality.

The fact that many men and women live their lives in a mental haze, detached from reality; might draw one to the conclusion that there is a relationship between mysticism and intelligence. This is not so, mystical infection has little to do with IQ. One can be a highly intelligent mystic. As just one example, many highly intelligent individuals become indoctrinated with religious mysticism .

So, what causes the mysticism that leads to irrational unreasonable thinking? ...Many individuals are programmed with mysticism from an early age. When mothers and fathers, elders, teachers - et al; believe in God, ghosts, UFOs etc, then children will naturally grow up believing these things too; it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A child's mind is plastic an malleable, his or her mind will very rapidly mold to the contours of the external environment. When a child is told over and over that God exists, then that child is liable to grow up believing this "truth" as a fact of reality. Such mystically orientated minds are gullible to anti-reality ideas; unreasonable subjective ideas that are detached from the real World.

What we learn as young children molds and shapes our futures. The adults of today create the philosophers of tomorrow. What children learn today guides their philosophical outlook on life in their future years. Every individual on the planet is guided by an internal philosophy of life an internal world view. That view is either held with conscious awareness and defined through long and hard objective reasoning; or it is an unintegrated junk heap of scattered ideas, buried in the
subconscious. Every now and again those ideas creep to the surface of the conscious mind. It is not surprising that individuals who have these thoughts running through their heads, often act unreasonably. They do so, because they have no conscious control over their thoughts and those thoughts are not integrated with external reality. If their thoughts about reality are arrived at non-objectively, then they have no way of fully grasping the reality of their external environment or indeed the nature of their own self.

One can cure the mind of mysticism. One can begin by honestly accepting objective reality and the laws of nature. One can come to terms with reality by consciously awakening to the fact that there are no Gods, ghosts, fairies, gremlins, monsters or whatever other anti-reality belief you have internalized as true, without objectively definable evidence.

Recommended self-cleansing programs (books)
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, by Leonard Peikoff
The Neo-Tech Discovery, by Dr. Frank R. Wallace
The Demon Haunted World, Carl Sagan

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