Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Immorality of antitrust lawsuits

Security underwriters on Wall Street should be immune to Civil Antitrust Lawsuits, because antitrust is an immoral concept... I give a general example below based on the antitrust accusations originally aimed at Bill Gates.

Antitrust laws are none objective laws with no moral standard. They protect the value destroyer at the expense of the value producer. All antitrust regulations are based on anti-capitalistic ideology and collectivist ideas, that sacrifice the individual to the demands of the State.

Bill Gates is a private enterprise business owner and has the right to own the means of production and distribution. Only government controls through regulations can create a monopoly that disallows free competition in the market place, but the fact that they can do so under force or the threat of force is not a moral sanction to do so, it is an immoral act and an attack on individual rights.

Yes, it is true that Bill Gates and Microsoft hold much of the market over their competitors. ....But this is simply because Microsoft has proved itself a better competitor. It has delivered the products that the consumer wants and at prices they are willing to pay.

By there very nature antitrust laws are anti-man. They are based on a collectivist ideology that assumes man is a "sacrificial animal" who has no property rights and thus no individual rights and can be sacrificed to the whim of any thug who so demands it.

Property rights and individual rights are not divisible. When you attack a man you attack his property, attack the property you attack the man. An individuals video recorder is their private property as is their body, to damage either (including stealing their video recorder) is an act of force. Certainly, stealing a video recorder is less damaging than initiating force or indeed threatening to initiate force against an individual. But it is not a case of morality by degree, that is not the issue. The issue is individual rights to the ownership of one's private property (one's body, one's mind, one's goods), without fear of force or threat of force.

The facts are the opposite of the anti-man collectivists who wish to curtail the success of the producers, who they judge by their "standards" become over successful. Individuals such as Bill Gates should be applauded and held up as men of the highest virtue; in their ability to create new values and raise living standards globally.

These men and women are rare and should be secured in their right to trade freely and openly in the market place, without government restrictions and regulations.

This article is not meant as an applaud to Bill Gates. Whether you like or dislike Bill Gates is not the issue. The fact is that antitrust laws are bad laws.

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