Monday, 9 July 2007

The Fraud of Existentialism

To the existentialist, nothing is explainable or knowable in objectively definable terms. The existentialist believes that the human mind is forever disconnected from reality and exists inside itself, beyond the reach of the knowable.

As far as the existentialist is concerned, one cannot define a moral framework. Thus, in terms of a morality, the existentialist believes that we are all moral cripples. Crippled by the very existence we happen to be in. This means that morality is mute and anything goes. As far as the existentialist is concerned, whatever one wishes to do, it is justified, because their is no moral framework, by which one could discredit it, as morally bankrupt.

But the so called existentialist can only play a "hand of bluff". The existentialist is really an intellectual fraud and impostor. They will play their silly philosophical word games and twist meaning, to get their existential labels to fit. But in an objectively definable universe, they do not fit and an objectively definable universe is exactly, the kind of universe we live in.

If it were really true that the mind is forever disconnected from external reality, then it would logically follow that nothing could be defined as an absolute. We could not absolutely know that certain fungi are poisonous and certain others are edible. If as the existentialist claims to think, the mind is forever detached from reality and cannot know that reality in objective terms, then we could not possibly objectively identify an edible mushroom from a poisonous toadstool.

This is why the existentialist is really an intellectual impostor and a fraud. They will happily play their existential word games on one hand, and 'eat a plate of mushrooms' on another. If the existentialist really had the belief of their convictions, then they would simply sit still, stop eating and die. The very fact that existentialists are capable of staying alive within the universe, is because they have to contradict their own philosophy and obey the same universal absolutes as the rest of us.

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