Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Purpose of Life?

There is no purpose to life, other than the purpose we give it. What this really means is that 'nature is blind' and indifferent and knows nothing of joy, happiness, love or suffering.

The purpose of life is simply the purposes that we apply to the life we have. We create purposes through what we do. Not only does the universe care nothing about purpose, it has no purpose other than being. It is true that universes evolve and eventually die, as they reach infinite entropy and by the same token, it is true that we evolve through biological purposes. But it is not true to say, that such evolution proves purpose, as if somehow nature is aware of an evolving purpose, in which it is the 'director'.

The point is that reality exists independent of the mind and that reality could quite perfectly still exist without humankind in it. The universe would carry on evolving as star stuff scatters from its original big bang. But this movement of star stuff is all done blind. The only mind that can know and be aware is a conscious mind, such as that of you and I. But beyond us or maybe, other conscious beings in the universe, who can contemplate such things... Beyond this, there is no awareness and there is no purpose.

The only reason that we can contemplate the purpose of life, is because we have evolved conscious minds that can proceed forward consciously and deduce purposes. We can deduce purposes only with regard to our conscious self, that is through our own awareness of our own mind. But the universe itself, beyond the conscious awareness of biological minds, is mindless. It does not evolve because it directs, rather it evolves simply because. In other words the evolution of universes is not a process of conscious awareness, it is a process of simply being, thus unlike conscious minds that proceed forward consciously and deduce purposes, existence in toto and independent of mind, simply proceeds and it does so with no purposeful deduction and no conscious awareness. To put it simply, the universe is Godless and cold... It is only the existence of conscious beings that give it warmth.

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